Bakeries and
convenience stores

To ensure the best solution for access control in bakeries and convenience store, Argus developed an exclusive system of Clean-Command access gates, with hygienic and disposable consumption tabs. In addition to bringing comfort, efficiency and hygiene to these establishments, Argus equipment minimizes the occurrence of frauds and noncompliance in consumption control.

The use Clean-Command access gates transforms the concept of service in establishments, since it provides freedom of consumption to clients requiring them only to pay for expenses at the exit gate.

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Commercial condominiums, companies, industries
and logistics yards

In order to offer entrepreneurs total management of the security system, Proansi Technology developed the Freedom Corporate: solutions for access control and security for commercial condominiums, companies, industries and logistic yards. In addition to providing practicality to users, its technology also increases business safety and management control.

This security platform differential is the biometric access approved by the FBI. Moreover, Freedom Company interface is highly didactic, allowing for fast and easy access and resources application, and also enables customization to take care of specific features of each customer.

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Residential condominiums

With advanced technology and biometric access approved by the FBI, Freedom Security is the sure solution for access control and safety in horizontal and vertical residential condominiums. In addition to providing convenience to users, its technology increases safety and control.

This security service platform is highly didactic, allowing for access and system resources employment in a fast and easy way. Moreover, Freedom Security interface enables customization to serve all specific features of each customer.

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Proansi Technology

For more than 40 years, Proansi Technology develops and implements safety Softwares and devices with expertise for residential and commercial condominiums, companies, industries, logistics yards, bakeries, restaurants and convenience stores.

Based in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Proansi Technology has clients all over the country (Braszil).

With highly trained professionals, Proansi Technology develops implements and monitors, in real time, the status of solutions installed in all its customers. Guaranteeing fast service and ensuring satisfaction.

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